7 months ago

Are you working on Lexmark Printer and suddenly is start showing some annoying technical error? If yes, then no need to worry because these error messages are easily resolvable with the help of Lexmark Printer Customer Service. Moreover, you can follow steps given below to solve these issues by yourself.

Steps to Fix Cartridge Error- 1203 are as follows:-

Step-1: To turn All-In-One off, press Power

Step-2: From the wall outlet unplug your All-In-One

Step-3: Plug in your All-In-One printer.

Step-4: Reinstall the cartridges.

Replace your cartridges, if this does not resolve the issue.

Step to Fix Paper out message issue:-

Press Select appears on the display if your All-In-One is out of paper or Load paper.
Now, to clear the message from the display, follow given instructions.
Print your test document, if All-In-One has a paper jam.

Step to Fix Hardware Error code 1200:-

Step-1: To turn All-In-One off, press Power button
Step-2: From the wall outlet, unplug All-In-One Lexmark Printer
Step-3: Check for paper jams.
Step-4: Now, plug in your All-In-One Lexmark Printer.

If your Error Code 1203, 1200 or Paper out Message are remains unchanged then get experts real-time assistance via Lexmark Toll-Free Number USA listed at Mycustomerservice.org directory. As soon as you call an expert he/she will assist you till your problem gets to solve. So, don’t waste your time in hit-and-try method let experts handle your issue with ease.

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